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Excellence Tile And Stone Corporation is a company focused on satisfying the highest demands in the construction field. We work with construction companies and developers offering OUR INSTALLATION services with the highest set of standards in quality and service; our personnel hold the highest training qualification in floors, bathrooms walls and countertops installations. In addition to the services offered above, our company also offers the best, most competitive SOUNDPROOF packages like Accoustik, Proflex200 and QT Regupol. We also include WATERPROOF systems like Bulkem, Jammo and others well known brands.

Besides offering the best line of products in the market, We also offers the highest quality of services. As a result, the most renown companies in the construction field
trust us and make us their number one choice. We guarantee our work with be completed to the utmost satisfaction of our client. Our work will be done in the safest manner while still providing unmatched results. Providing PROTECTION around our work.

Give us the opportunity to offer you the best services in installation and quality you deserve!!